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Ozgul Thermal has Ministry of Health Spa Business Administration Licence.

Ozgul Thermal water has the effects of helping my water to strengthen the muscles, regulating the function of the endocrine glands, regulating joint fluid, inflammation, strengthening bone tissue. It can help treat osteoarthritis with in-water and out-of-water exercises, and you can also think of additional treatments in our treatment as medical treatment support. Endocrine glands work intensively and produce with the radioactive effect of thermal spring water.

It is also very beneficial for people who have no illness to have a once-a-year drinking cure. As long as the human body is alive, the toxic substances that accumulate in the organism are expelled through urine, feces, sweat, bile, salivary glands and similar excretory systems. Over time, these poisons become difficult to be thrown out completely, organs become lazy and poisonous substances accumulate in the body and start to grow. Those poisoned urine, stools, sweat, bile, vesaire, etc. that are accumulated in the people who drink this water are easily thrown out of the way.

Gallstones and kidney stones::
Magnesium, calcium and sulphate minerals found in the spring water provide some effect on the kidneys and urinary tracts as well as prevent the formation of new stones. In the case of urinary tract infections, the treatment process is also positively influenced by the ability to remove inflammation. Mineral waters help regulate kidney function. A minimum of three days of drinking cure is recommended for kidney and gallstones and sand.

Drinking and bathing will take advantage of your spa water, siliciumdiyoxin, magnesium, calcium and bicarbonate in the minerals with the help of pulling into the cell by strengthening your bones will strengthen your bones. In addition, Gazlıgöl Ozgul Thermal spa water helps to strengthen bones and teeth because it contains high fluoride. Children's drinking (0-6 years) is not appropriate. Excessive fluoride can make children swell around their teeth.

Neck and Lower Back Pain:
In the morning and evening 15-20 minutes spa treatment is applied. The neck is thick enough to stay within the hot water. After a bath, it will be resting for about half an hour. Massage and manual treatment are very beneficial for your spa treatment center to give better results. Continue your exercises so that the disease does not recur.

Rheumatoid arthritis:
Spa treatment has positive effects during periods other than active period like all inflammatory rheumatic diseases. It has both therapeutic and protective properties. However, during active periods, spa treatment and hot applications are definitely not recommended.

The specific thermal spa water can also be applied in addition to the treatment of urinary tract infections, especially in the mineralization of bicarbonate, magnesium and calcium, and in the treatment of hot water infections. Drinking plenty of water is recommended. Fractions from the mineral and radioactivity are also effective against the problem of ovulation in women. It helps increase the number of white blood cells that provide resistance to body diseases. In the chronic inflammatory gynecological diseases with the radioactive feature of our hot spring water, inflammation is a dilator and remover. Ovarian inflammation, menstrual irregularities and some cases of infertility complained by our radioactivity of hot spring water have got positive results from our treatment of our springs.

Skin Diseases:
Hot spring waters and mild are positive effects to skin diseases and uncomfortable diseases from the nose. In many skin diseases, eczema, treatment of pruritus, sulfuric and radioactivity spa waters can be applied as an additional treatment. Especially in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, etc., the effect of the spa water is sprayed into the circulatory system to remove the dirty blood in the skin. In the meantime, organic materials made of single-cell amiplers in the mud open the pores in the citrus, and the dirty blood that is cleansed by reaching the heart at this point, revives the cells by turning back to the skin. Thus, the skin renews itself to gain beauty and health as well as skin diseases such as psoriasis, itching and unwanted odors. It is recommended to bath together with the mud application. Ozone therapy is a very useful addition.

Neurological Diseases:
Paralysis, cerebral palsy (spastic) caused by a soothing and soothing effect of the water helps to achieve positive results in the rehabilitation of neurological diseases such as childhood, where rehabilitation is of critical importance. In addition, providing appropriate environmental conditions is also an effect on the result. Thermal water has benefits in improving mental fatigue and cerebral (encephalic) fatigue.

The main symptoms are memory problems, thought disorders, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, palpitations, intestinal complaints, sad or depressed state, feeling tired during the day, feeling restlessly awake, irritable bowel syndrome, frequent urination, cardiac symptoms, gynecological problems, Cognitive problems (concentration disorientation, weakness in learning new things), mental illness (depression), problems (numbness in the body, nervous and irritability, tension, headache). Water temperature provides the positive benefits in the treatment of fibromyalgia. The pouch should be made and the absorption of the hot water from the skin should be increased. For this reason, the patients who come back in the winter months and start their pain are longing to go to the spa at the first opportunity. Ozone therapy is a very useful addition method.

Damla Gut:
At the beginning of the disease, sulfated waters give positive results to clear the blood for the uric. Radioactive waters can also be used to help relieve joint pain. They also increase the urine output and the excretion of uric acid in the urine, so it is useful during the inter-crisis period in Gut Disease.

Muscle Pain:
The carbon dioxide gas in Ozgul Thermal hot spring water helps the muscles to get more blood, reduces the pain and provides treatment with hot water. The disease area needs to be well protected during and after treatment.


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